Monday, 15 July 2013

When People Appear Out Of Nowhere

When People Appear....

Right Out Of Nowhere.... Just Classic...

One of the things with armature filming is lack of funding, no office, no secretary, no business line, no filming permits and certainly no security to keep random people from running round the corner right into a group of four shifty looking lads.. all with 2 guns each...
This actually happened twice during filming.... On the same day... caught in the same behind the scenes AVI.

The second time around was a foreign guy (apparently a mentor) with 2 disabled people lost in the woods looking for a train station that was 2+ miles away.. I look back on that moment and it always makes me shudder..    : /

Pretty much like the jogger did i guess... when he came running round that corner... LMFAO
I know i shouldn't laugh, but of all the times to catch us at our worst.. while also being soo caught off guard by us your self....   After all.. Remember this is england... You just don't see groups of guys in the woods with automatic weapons or any weapons at all...  unless your a jogger in freshfields woods 2009  haha..

It always makes me laugh this..
It's like his helmet and his mountain bike just kept going and he froze on the spot....
I gotta say the guy handled it really well considering like  :)

Video Still

I Often Wonder.. did that guy actually tell people about that moment?
If you no him, let us know  lol

I love how ste just throws his gun and magazine over the hill and both land at my feet as the guy just runs round.. That Whole... Wait These Are Not Mine.. Their His....  and just chucks them my way lmfao