Saturday, 23 August 2008

Weapon Prop (HK MP5)

The MP5 was a battery powered hop-up air-soft that actually only cost me £10. It was first used in our little SG-UK 2 movie and was then later used in a scene from our highlander rogue warrior (where markus sabien takes out the watchers) Sadly the stock fell off it in the end so it needs a litle TLC.

(c)Wraith and Friends Productions

The laser on the MP5 was also used to project the target dots on the head shots for the artwork

(c)Wraith and Friends Productions

Taking the shot for the DVD Box Front was just the blue maglight and the laser sight

(c)Wraith and Friends Productions
Here is an interesting shot taken by one of the voice over artists


All photos in this "post" where taken by TheWraith517 (unless stated otherwise)
and as such are copyrighted by Wraith and Friends Productions.

You may see similar pictures around the web (taken by cast members)
But as a director and professional editor i ALWAYS keep my folders separate from those given to me by the cast and crew...
Those people in question should ber that in mind when they mix MY work in with theirs...

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