The Original 38 Min Short had NO Storyboard or Writing involved..

The following Storyboard is how I see the Full Film as a finished project,
And who knows.. one day i might just get it finished....

Walton Prison Hornby Road

Wraith and Friends Productions Logo Fades to Black and then White Flash IN on Walton Prison. Text scrolls along the bottom with Walton Prison.. Liverpool.. and Date...

You hear someone say "See You Soon Tony" and Tony replies with "Not Likely Boss" And the other voice says "That's what they all say.. but you'll be back"  Tony Williams walks into shot and kneels down and kisses the floor "finally im out" he says... and starts walking down the road.

The Cab Ride

A black cab pulls up next to tony and the driver tells him to get in, Tony tells the driver he's got no money and the driver coldly replies with "I was told to pick you up.. give you money and a phone.. and drop you off at a tower block in Bootle.. now get the fk in the cab.. i have a living to earn"  

So tony gets in and off they go.. The cab driver explains who sent him and hands tony a mobile phone and £50

The driver drops Tony Williams off at the tower block and says "tell your boss im done, i don't owe him any more favours and if i was you.. ide get out while you can.. their all wrong in the head.."

Tony gets out the cab and looks up at the block.
I hope dans in (tony mutters to him self ) as the taxi bangs a u turn and drives away....

(fade out as you hear the cab pull away)

Fade in on a hand wearing a bit of gold bling.. pushing the lift button (while scrolling text says four days later) lift opens and dave walks in and pushes the button to go to a specific floor, he's humming to the bad music in the lift and it sounds like he's eating something, next shot lift doors open and you see a hand go into the pocket, then key goes in the door, it closes and dave walks past tom who is slumped over the table asleep.

Late night dave asks? as he flicks on the kettle and grabs a cup, tom doesn't respond.. dave says must of been a mad one if you slept here.. you better sort your self out the boss is due in..
Have you sorted the take....  (pregnant pause) ings?  as he notices the safe is open..
Standing their mouth wide egg butty just an inch from his mouth... lowers his hand and he walks over and pulls tom back up off the table into an upright position in the chair.. that aint tomato sauce & theirs a hole in his forehead.... sweet slow motion shot of the perfect EggOn as its sweay toast gives way and half of it flops across a cheep sovering as it drops to the floor... Ooo sh*t....

Flashing from tom, to dave, from dave to the safe, from the safe to toms holy head, back to dave to his half a toasty on the floor the safe the half a taosty in his hand, the kettle clicks as you hear the lift door open legs step out wearing fancy shoes.. shot of dave panic and you hear someone whistling (whistling outside the flat heard from inside).. a key goes in the lock.. you in yet lads a voice calls as dave realizes what's gone on as the boss enters the room... lookin at dave, lookin at tom, the safe, tom, dave, tom, the tooasty.. pulling out a gun he points it at dave and says wtf is going on and where's my fkn money...

Dave just stands their jaw dropped and half a toasty flopped
Then the boss he clocks the laptop screen with the message "no fixed disk detected"
He snarls in anger and shoots the laptop then points the gun right back at dave..

Dave says,  but boss erm i was erm boss come on you know i wouldn't.. i couldn't i mean you know stammer stutter panic paced then... bang goes the gun a second time...
 and you see the butty go up in the air it crosses path with the shell ejection,  then dave drops into shot fall in slow motion into view by the first half a toastie.. as his possibly dead or unconscious cheek flapps as he hits the floor, it gets slapped by the falling half an egg in slow motion, then cam shot right bk to the bosses snarling face and booom.. what needs to be the best arrival at liverpool video for a hit man..

More Info Soon..

Mark Jason Jones Former Mercenary Now Hired Gun Deacon Xavier

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